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 The J-Griff Brand is Building a Brand Talent Waitlist of Passionate Individuals Who are Ready to Drive Conscious Change & Excel in Our Dynamic & Fast-Paced Company!

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Discover Your Opportunity at the J-Griff Brand


Who We Are:


Founded by Jeremy (J-Griff)- a 32 Year Old Conscious Investor, Entrepreneur & Multi-Millionaire- "J-Griff" & Our "Conscious Wealth" Brands¬†are¬†more than Just a Brand‚ÄĒThey're¬†a Movement.


Our Distinctive Approach to Financial Education, Delivered Through a Conscious Lens, Has Solidified a Unique Niche at the Intersection of Wealth and Spirituality.


Through Our Core Product Suite (The Aligned Entrepreneur Academy, The Level Up Collective & Self Trust Academy) + Our Podcast (The Conscious Wealth Podcast).... We Provide an Alternative to the Legacy Systems Public Education Model & Offer A-Z Solutions When it Comes to Cash Flow, Wealth Creation, Financial Literacy, Asset Protection & Tax Sheltering.


In ALL of Our Offerings, We are Committed to Empowering Individuals to Create Wealth¬†& Freedom in ALL Areas of Life‚ÄĒNot Just Financially. Our Approach Integrates Spiritual and Mental Growth, Pushing Boundaries & Promoting Excellence.



 What the J-Griff Brand Offers:


✅  Competitive Compensation: Uncapped Role Growth Potential, Designed to Reward Innovation & Hard Work.

✅  Exclusive Educational Benefits: Gain Free Access to Our Premium Financial & Spiritual Education Programs, Valued Over $12,000 Annually.

‚úÖ¬†¬†Wealth-Building Knowledge: Learn Strategies on Tax sheltering, Maximizing Cash Flow, & Investing to Multiply Your Earnings‚ÄĒall Through Your Position With Us.

✅  Expert Mentorship: Receive Hands-on Training from the J-Griff Executive Team, Providing a Full Behind-the-Scenes Education on Running a Multimillion-Dollar Brand.

✅  Career Growth: Grow with Our Rapidly Expanding Company as we Scale to 8 Figures & Beyond- in a Fully Remote & Flexible Work Environment.

 Ideal Candidates Should Have: 


✅  Extremely High Personal Standards: Possess Unrealistically High Standards for Yourself with a Relentless Work Ethic.

✅ Commitment to Growth: An Eagerness to Learn & an Openness to Feedback, Aiming to Continually Improve in All Areas.

✅ Visionary Potential: Exceptional Skills in your Field with a Keen Attention to Detail & a Strong Passion for Innovation. 

At the 'J-Griff' Brand, We are Dedicated to Facilitating a Company Culture that Thrives on Excellence & is Obsessed With Helping Others Self-Actualize.


If You're Prepared to Embrace this Challenge & are Driven by a Desire to Make a Significant Impact While Advancing your Career - We Invite YOU to Join our Waitlist!


If You're Interested in Joining the J-Griff Team & Driven by a Desire to Make a Significant Impact While Advancing your Career, We Invite You to Join Our Waitlist.


Apply To the Waitlist Below & Be Part of Our FutureūüöÄ


Hear What The Team Has to Say ‚§Ķ

Jessica Kaufman

Senior Manager


"Back in 2019, I started working with Jeremy, helping him on fitness programs and volunteering my time as an intern, and since then, my role has evolved massively. I quickly transitioned from fitness programs and interning to an internal systems architect, shaping the member journey and driving innovation.


My path with Jeremy has been a wild journey of growth and learning, and¬†the support I've received is unparalleled. As I've expanded my skills,¬†Jeremy has consistently rewarded my development¬†‚Äď a practice that's as rare as it is empowering.


Working with J-Griff is like a masterclass in personal and professional growth on steroids.¬†He's a mentor who not only amplifies your strengths but also shines a light on your weaknesses ‚Äď not to criticize, but to uplift and steer towards solutions. He calls you out, but more importantly, calls you forward.


Since January 2019, I've been part of a company culture that's indescribably dynamic. It's an environment where pace meets purpose, where honesty couples with challenge, and where every task has profound meaning. Here, my voice matters, my ideas are valued, and the potential for growth is limitless.


The person I was when I joined feels like a distant memory. I've cultivated incredibly valuable skills, efficiency like never before, and an insatiable yet fulfilling drive. My perspective on life has been transformed.


Before crossing paths with Jeremy, I found myself at a standstill.. confined to a tiny 500 square foot space that I called home, alongside my first son. My unfulfilled potential and the feeling of being stuck weighed heavy.


Now, as I look back, the transformation is nothing short of miraculous. My current home is a dream to the 2019 version of me‚ÄĒa testament to unimagined possibilities.¬†I have the freedom to work from anywhere, and my two boys get the full, undivided joy & attention of their mom.¬†The question I'm often asked, "How did you do it?" is a testament to the opportunity that God brought my way half a decade ago.


Pouring my heart into this work has been met with equal dedication from J-Griff. For those ready to keep up and embrace the challenge, joining this team is a decision you won't regret. It's a fierce, fast-paced journey, but for the hungry and the brave, it's absolutely worthwhile.


Kelly Folk

Client Success Manager


Co-creating within this Company with Jeremy and the Team is nothing short of an EXPANSIVE Opportunity.   One’s Ability to Grow within the Company is TRULY Limitless.


As a Leader, Jeremy Deeply Cares about the Evolution of His Brand AND Team.. & Will Stop at No Cost to make sure EVERYTHING and EVERYONE Reaches their Fullest Potential.


I’m Deeply GRATEFUL to Have a Mentor who Truly Cares About Me and My Growth- at the Depths that J-Griff does.


Bradley Day

Lead Content Manager

‚ÄúI‚Äôve never been in love with another man - until the day I met J-Griff‚Ķ‚Ä̬†- Bradley Day


Working for J-Griff has been one of the most ineffable experiences of my life!

I am following the leadership of a man who is perpetually striving for excellence, efficacious in every facet of life, and is always setting the intention to push those around him to become their highest versions!

Environment is EVERYTHING! And J-Griff’s inherent proclivity to ALWAYS strive for excellence has inspired a company culture full of passionate energy, inordinate work ethic, and fastidious levels of attention to detail as everyone is encouraged to master their crafts!


Personally, I have never felt more alive and rejuvenated as I do working for J-Griff, as I am consistently encouraged to confront and BREAK PAST any limitations I’ve placed on myself, and more so discover the divinity that lies within me!


Working for Jeremy is NOT some boring, languorous job that drains one’s energy… This is a training in Divinity- as every day I am exercising humility, discipline, excellence, and overall cultivating a mindset that is impervious to the vicissitudes of life!


One of the biggest lessons that I have learned from J-Griff is that success is in direct correlation to your self-identity! 


Working for the Team has been a training in self-analysis; in order to strive to become my highest version, I’ve had to shift my self-perception to an Identity that attracts the greatest version of myself!


This Company Culture is NOT for the weak of heart, but for those who absolutely and utterly desire to fulfill their potential and want to seek a mentor who possesses the attributes to help manifest that into their realities!


Ermo Egberts 

Lead Content Specialist


I've been with the J-Griff team for five months now, and it's been a fascinating journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and creative expression.


The blend of these experiences is incredibly valuable in my eyes. It's not your typical job with a traditional boss; it's a container that propels me to new heights and helps me uncover depths that I did not know I had.


Despite being relatively new to the company, I recognize the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, and with our team, we're all riding the same wavelength.


I've been evolving not just in terms of my work ethic and team communication skills but, more importantly, in reshaping my identity toward a healthier self.


I'm stoked about all the exciting things that lie ahead!