Wake Up, Neo...

Have You Ever Had a Dream, Neo, That You Were So Sure Was Real? 

What If You Were Unable to Wake From That Dream? How Would You Know the Difference Between the Dream World & The Real World...? [Morpheus- The Matrix, 1999]

My Mission Is Very Simple.

To Help You WAKE UP From the Dream You've Been Sleepwalking Through Life In.

Your Time Is Now.

If You're Reading This Right Now- I Know for a FACT That You Don't Feel Good About the Lack of Integration Between What You KNOW In Your Mind/Heart & How You Live Your Day to Day Life... 

You KNOW that Something is Terribly Wrong When You Look Around...

Something Likely Just Feels... Off.. But You Don’t Know What Exactly To DO About It.

So you Settle...

You Rationalize That You’re Slaving Away in the Matrix for Your Kids... or for Your Partner...

Or That You "Have to" Live This Way to Earn a Living in the World...

Yet, Despite Your BEST Attempts to Rationalize, There is Still This LOOMING Angst in the Background of Your Awareness...

This CANNOT Be ALL Life Is About - Can It? 

I'm Jeremy, but I Usually Go By J-Griff, & I've Been on This Journey for a Little Over a Decade Now.

I've Learned a Thing or 2 About the Matrix, Sovereignty, Freedom, Wealth & Self Governance Along the Way.. 

In 2013, I Graduated College & Made the Decision to “Eat Shit” & Move Back in with My Mom- In A Bold Effort to Fast Track My Financial Freedom Timeline.

I Had No Car, Was $50,000 in Student Loan Debt, & Didn’t Particularly Want to Live This Way- but Was 100% Committed to Making the Necessary Sacrifices to Live the Life I Truly Desired, Longer Term, & Knew There was No Plan B.. I Would NEVER Participate in the Rat Race or Work to Build Another Mans Dreams.

I Spent My 20’s Learning to Build & Run Numerous Successful Businesses- Ranging from the Health & Fitness Space, Conscious Life Coaching, Business Consulting Space, & now Wealth/Financial Literacy Space.

Behind the Scenes, For the Last 13 Years, I Have Had a Genuine Obsession for the Pursuit of Hidden Knowledge, Secrets of the 1%, & the Truth Behind How all of the “Systems” in Society Actually Operate. I Devoted This Time to Meticulously Acquiring Knowledge in These Arenas, Hiring Countless Mentors, Self Educating & Remaining Curious, Open & Patient…

And Now, I Have SO Much to Share with You...
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The Conscious Wealth


Your Place For ALL things Wealth Creation, Natural Law, Spirituality/Consciousness, Financial Literacy, Commerce, Investing + The Game of Money... & More!


These Free Resources Transform Your Financial Timeline

Our Mission Is To Help You Achieve Complete Financial, Time, & Decision Making Freedom + To Massively Accelerate the Pace at Which You Are Able To Do So.
In Order to Best Serve You in This Regard, We are Primarily Concerned with 3 Main Financial Levers:

LEVER I: Your Cash Flow -> Are You Bringing in Notably More than Your Lifestyle Expenses? 

LEVER II: The Velocity of Your Money -> How Fast (or Slow) is Your Money Multiplying?

LEVER III: Your Tax Liability -> How Much of Your Hard Earned Money Are You Keeping?

Which Lever Are You Ready To Pull?

LEVER I: Free Resource

FREE Conscious Cash Flow Entrepreneur Masterclass Series 

Enjoy a Free Foundational Education Exploring The Art of Conscious Business Building, Cash Flow & Wealth Creation for the CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEUR.

After Completing this Masterclass Series- If We've Done our Job Well- You Will NEVER Look at Money, Business, Cash Flow or the Economy the Same Way Again...

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LEVER 2: Free Resources

'Unfair Advantage' Wealth Webinar

In This FREE Masterclass Series, We Reveal The Exact Secrets that Give them their "Unfair Advantage", & How to Change Your Mindset to Become Truly Wealthy.

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'How to Build Real Wealth This Decade'

In this Ebook, We're Going to Give You the FULL PLAYBOOK on How You Can Position Your Family for TRUE WEALTH, this Decade & Beyond!

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Your Core Offer Journey

Aligned Entrepreneur Academy



For the Aspiring OR 6-Figure Entrepreneur, to Build/Scale a Real “Heart Led” Business

Focuses on Helping You Master the “Cash Flow” Lever of Your Wealth Machine.

Generally for Those Who Are Still Unable to Comfortably Afford Higher Level Investments into Oneself.

Gain Mastery of Foundational “High Income” Skills such as Value Creation, Branding, Social Media, Marketing, Sales, Copywriting, etc.

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The Level Up Collective

>> LEVER 2


For the Truth Seeker Who Is Already in a Healthy Financial Spot. Built to Help Families Exponentially Grow & Protect What You’re Building

Focuses on Helping You Master the “Velocity of Money” (Investing) & “Tax Liability” Pieces of Your Wealth Machine.

Generally for Those Who Are Able to Afford & Are Excited Making Higher Level Investments into Oneself.

High Achieving, Conscious Environment w/ Close Proximity to Spiritual Multi-Millionaires + J-Griff.

Step Inside the LUC

Self Trust Academy

>> LEVER 3


Created and Meticulously Crafted to Provide you with our Highest Level Private Common Law Irrevocable, Trust Structure

This Exclusive Trust Structure Places You Outside of the Jurisdiction of the De Facto “United States’ Corporation & Statutory (Man Made) Law.

If You’re Interested in Potentially Working with Us to Step Into the Private Realm, You Must Be a Graduate of The Level Up Collective.

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