Wake Up, Neo...


Have You Ever Had a Dream, Neo, That You Were So Sure Was Real? What If You Were Unable to Wake From That Dream? How Would You Know the Difference Between the Dream World & The Real World...? [Morpheus- The Matrix, 1999]

My Mission is Very Simple. To Help You WAKE UP From the Dream You've Been Sleepwalking Through Life In.

If You're Reading This Right Now- I Know for a FACT That You Don't Feel Good About the Lack of Integration Between What You KNOW In Your Mind/Heart & How You Live Your Day to Day Life...

You KNOW that Something is Terribly Wrong When You Look Around...

Something Likely Just Feels... Off.. But You Don’t Know What Exactly To DO About It.

So you Settle...

You Rationalize That You’re Slaving Away in the Matrix for Your Kids... or for Your Partner...

Or That You "Have to" Live This Way to Earn a Living in the World...

Yet, Despite Your BEST Attempts to Rationalize, There is Still This LOOMING Angst in the Background of Your Awareness...

This CANNOT Be ALL Life is About!

Can It?

If What I've Just Shared Resonates with You- Welcome to My Page.

I'm Jeremy, but I Usually Go By J-Griff, & I've Been on This Journey for a Little Over a Decade Now.

I've Learned a Thing or 2 About the Matrix, Sovereignty, Freedom, Wealth & Self Governance Along the Way.. 

& I Want to Share This Information, Freely, with As Many Minds & Hearts As I Can- While I'm Here.

I Encourage You to Start Off By Diving Into Our Free Educational Content on YouTube & Our Audio Podcast & Then Tap Into our Free Resources When You're Ready to Go Deeper.

I've Been Waiting for You :)

-J Griff



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Who Is J-Griff?

In 2013, J-Griff Graduated College & Made the Bold Decision to “Eat Shit” & Move Back in with his Mom- in an Effort to Fast Track his Financial Freedom Timeline.

He had no car, was $50,000 in student loan debt, & didn’t particularly want to live this way- but was 100% committed to making the necessary sacrifices to live the life he truly desired, longer term, & knew there was no Plan B.. He would NEVER participate in the Rat Race or Work to Build Another Mans Dreams.

He Spent all of his 20’s Learning to Build & Run Numerous Successful Businesses- Ranging from the Health & Fitness Space, Conscious Life Coaching, Business Consulting Space, & now Wealth/Financial Literacy Space.

Behind the Scenes, For the last 13 Years, J-Griff has had a Genuine Obsession for the Pursuit of Hidden Knowledge, Secrets of the 1%, & the Truth Behind How all of the “Systems” in Society Actually Operate. He devoted his 20’s to slowly Acquiring Knowledge in these arenas, Hiring Countless Mentors, Self Educating & Remaining Curious, Open & Patient…





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