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Who Is J-Griff?

In 2013, J-Griff graduated college and made the bold decision to “eat shit” and move back in with his Mom...

He had no car, was $50,000 in student loan debt, and didn’t particularly want to live this way- but was 100% committed to making the necessary sacrifices to live the life he truly desired, longer term, and knew there was no Plan B.. He would NEVER participate in the Rat Race or work for another man.

He Spent all of his 20’s Learning to Build & Run Numerous Successful Businesses- Ranging from the Health & Fitness Space, Conscious Life Coaching, Business Consulting Space, and NOW the Wealth/Financial Literacy Space.

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Jeremy's Story

Behind the Scenes, For the last 13 Years, J-Griff has had a Genuine Obsession for the Pursuit of Hidden Knowledge, Secrets of the 1%, and the Truth Behind How all of the “Systems” in Society Actually Operate. He devoted his 20’s to slowly acquiring knowledge in these arenas, hiring countless mentors, self educating and remaining curious & patient...

By the time 2020 “Pandemic” Came Around, an absolutely DEVASTATING year for most- Jeremy had been Stacking Cash & Patiently Waiting for an Event like this to Happen… Which allowed him to grow his Net Worth many times over- & enter a Financial Reality that no one in his Ancestry has ever experienced.

This inspired him to begin giving back by sharing all the hidden knowledge that he has learned over the years and implemented in his life to reach Financial Freedom before the age of 30. He now spends 100% of his efforts leading the “Level Up Collective” Conscious Wealth Mastermind, which he founded in January of 2020.

Bringing Forth a Unique blend of Higher Level Insights that Combine Spirituality, Energetics, Financial Literacy, Simplified Education Around Law & Our Freedoms, & The 1%’s Secrets to Investing- the “Level Up Collectives” Sole Focus is in Empowering OUR STUDENTS to Step into the Driver's Seat of their Lives and not only LEARN the “”Rules to the Game”, but start WINNING at the Game that they were never even Taught How to Play.


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