Nice To Meet You - I’m Jeremy, But You Can Call Me... 

For the last 13 Years, I Have Had a Genuine Obsession for The Pursuit of Hidden Knowledge, Secrets of the 1%, & The Truth Behind How All of The “Systems” In Society Actually Operate.

I Devoted my 20’s to Methodically Acquiring Knowledge in These Arenas, Hiring Countless Mentors, Self Educating & Remaining Curious, Open & Patient.

It All Started in 2013, When I Graduated College + Made the Bold Decision to ‘Eat Shit‘ & Move Back In With My Mom...

All In an Effort to Fast Track My Financial Freedom Timeline.


I Had No Car, Was $50,000 in Student Loan Debt, & Didn’t Particularly Want to Live This Way- but I Was 100% Committed to Making the Necessary Sacrifices to Live the Life That I Truly Desired. There Was No Plan B... I Would NEVER Participate in the Rat Race or Work to Build Another Man's Dreams.

I Spent all of my 20’s Learning to Build & Run Numerous Successful Online Businesses- Ranging from the Health & Fitness Space, Conscious Life Coaching, Business Consulting Space, & Now Wealth/Financial Education Space.

By the Time the 2020 “Pandemic” Came Around, an Absolutely DEVASTATING Year for Most... I Had Been Stacking Cash & OPM... & Was Patiently Waiting for an Event Like This to Happen… 

Which Allowed Me to Grow my Net Worth MANY Times Over- & Enter a Financial Reality that No One in My Ancestry has Ever Experienced.

Pioneering a Unique Blend of "5D Meets 3D", My Methodologies Blend High Level Esoteric Knowledge & Spiritual Embodiment with Financial Literacy, Conscious Capitalism, Mastery of Law, & The Embodiment of the "Secrets of the 1%". 

The “Level Up Collective's” Sole Focus is in Empowering OUR STUDENTS to Step into the Driver's Seat of their Lives & Not Only LEARN the ”Rules to the Game”, but Start WINNING at the Game That They Were Never Even Taught How to Play.



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