Helping Conscious Families Build & Protect Generational Wealth... As the Systems Collapse.


The Level Up Collective Aims to Help You Reach Financial Freedom in a Decade or Less, Shaving DECADES Off of Your Slow & Outdated "Industrial Era Retirement Plan".


Pensions, 401k's, IRA's- These Are All Traps- Marketed to the Middle Class- That Keep You Plugged Into & Reliant on the Very System That You So Desperately Want to BREAK FREE From...


Maybe You've Started to Realize this in the Last Few Years... But- What's the Actual Solution? ... It Starts With EDUCATION.


The LUC is Setup Masterfully, to Provide You w/ a '2024 & Beyond' Top-to-Bottom Financial Education- Centered Around Where the World Is HEADING. Rather than Teaching You Outdated, Useless Information About Theories & Concepts, J-Griff & the Team Teach You From EXPERIENCE.


Every Single Topic or Class Taught in Our Curriculum is Something That J-Griff & the Team Have Personal Experience Actually DOING SUCCESSFULLY- A Huge Issue w/ the College Education Model...


In College, You're Learning from Professors Who Are Trying to Teach You About Topics They Have NO REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE Doing Successfully (or They Wouldn't Be Working for A College)...


How Can You Learn Business From an Employee (Teacher) Who Has Never Successfully Scaled a Business?


How Can You Expect to Learn Finance or Investing from Someone Who Relies on a Tenured Salary from a College to Pay Their Bills?


This Lack of EMBODIMENT is Truly Just the Tip of the Iceberg When it Comes to the Flaws in the Matrix Systems Education Model.


The REAL Elephant in the Room is the COST vs. the VALUE RECEIVED...


As a Country of over 300 Million People- 44% of Americans 25 & Older Have Attended College & Graduated w/ a Degree of Some Form…


That’s More than 100 MILLION Americans.


According to US Census Data- in 2024- the Average Cost of College in the US has Risen to $36,436 per year...


This Means You’re Looking at Spending over $100,000 in Total for Your Degree- between Living Expenses, Books, Tuition, Classes, & Everything That Goes into Your ~4 Year Experience.


& That’s just the FINANCIAL piece... We Haven’t Even Spoke on the Opportunity Cost of Spending 4+ years of your Life Focusing on Memorizing & Regurgitating “Facts”- Rather than Learning about the History & Future of Money, The Ins & Outs of Credit & Banking Relationships, Taxes & Tax Sheltering, Navigating & Leveraging Debt to Build Wealth, Investing, Entrepreneurship & Building Businesses, & REAL LUCRATIVE LIFE SKILLS TO PASS ONTO YOUR KIDS.


& Yet- People Don’t Even FLINCH at Dropping 6 Figures & Sinking 4+ Years into Following This SLAVE TRAP.


The Best you Can Aspire for is to Graduate, Get a High Paying Job, Work Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder, Invest into Slow Retirement Accounts, & Retire w/ a Few Million at 65...


Sounds Fun Right?! LOL


Here in the Level Up Collective, We Believe There is a Better Way... One that Is Fair, & Gives Us a Real Chance at WINNING THE GAME OF MONEY- That Has Been SO RIGGED AGAINST US- Largely Because We Just Don't Know the RULES to the Game!!


To Solve All of These Problems, We’ve Pioneered an Entire "Semester Based" Curriculum & Proprietary Process to Take You From MIDDLE CLASS to FUCKING WEALTHY & FREE.


We Do This via Something We Like to Call the “LUC Financial Freedom Blueprint” (Sample shown below)- which CONSISTENTLY Unlocks a Reality for our Students in Which they are Able to Reach Financial FREEDOM within a DECADE...


We Charge ~70% Less than College, & Encourage You to Spend 1-2 years Less than the Average College Degree Would Require of You- & Then We Give You a Private Education on ALL of the Areas that the Rockefeller Created School System INTENTIONALLY Did Not Teach You.


But Just As Morpheus Tells Neo in 'The Matrix': "I Can Only Show You the Door Neo, It Is YOU Who Must Walk Through It"...


Who Is J-Griff?


In 2013, J-Griff Graduated College & Made the Bold Decision to “Eat Shit” & Move Back in with his Mom- in an Effort to Fast Track his Financial Freedom Timeline.

He had no car, was $50,000 in student loan debt, & didn’t particularly want to live this way- but was 100% committed to making the necessary sacrifices to live the life he truly desired, longer term, & knew there was no Plan B... He would NEVER participate in the Rat Race or Work to Build Another Mans Dreams.

He Spent all of his 20’s Learning to Build & Run Numerous Successful Businesses- Ranging from the Health & Fitness Space, Conscious Life Coaching, Business Consulting Space, & now Wealth/Financial Literacy Space.

Behind the Scenes, For the last 13 Years, J-Griff has had a Genuine Obsession for the Pursuit of Hidden Knowledge, Secrets of the 1%, & the Truth Behind How all of the “Systems” in Society Actually Operate. He devoted his 20’s to slowly Acquiring Knowledge in these arenas, Hiring Countless Mentors, Self Educating & Remaining Curious, Open & Patient…

By the time the 2020 “Pandemic” Came Around, an absolutely DEVASTATING year for most... J-Griff had Been Stacking Cash & OPM... & Was Patiently Waiting for an Event like this to Happen… Which allowed him to grow his Net Worth many times over- & Enter a Financial Reality that no one in his Ancestry has ever Experienced.

This inspired him to begin giving back by sharing all the hidden knowledge that he has learned over the years & implemented in his life to reach Financial Freedom before the age of 30. He now spends 100% of his efforts leading the “Level Up Collective” Conscious Wealth Mastermind, which he founded in January of 2020.

Pioneering a Unique Blend of "5D Meets 3D", J-Griff Blends High Level Esoteric Knowledge & Spiritual Embodiment with Financial Literacy, Conscious Capitalism, Mastery of Law & The Embodiment of the "Secrets of the 1%".  The “Level Up Collective's” Sole Focus is in Empowering OUR STUDENTS to Step into the Driver's Seat of their Lives not only LEARN the ”Rules to the Game”, but start WINNING at the Game That They Were Never Even Taught How to Play.



(What They Intentionally Don't Teach You In School)

✅  A Full Immersive Education on Profitably Investing in Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance & The Future of Digital Money + The Blockchain

✅ How to Position Yourself & Your Family for the New CBDC/Digital Scoring Systems Being Rolled Out B.T.S.

  Our Simple Strategies on Investing for Consistent Returns of 50-100%+ ROI Per Year, Semi-Passively

✅  A Technical Knowledge Base to Start Investing Like an Institutional Investor (The 1% Who Run the World)

✅  Tax Loopholes of the 1%- That You Can Use to Shelter Your Wealth From the Matrix

✅  How to Easily Clean & Repair Your Own Credit- w/o Having to Hire a Company to Do It For You

✅ How to Optimize Your Credit Score to Gain Access to the Largest Lines of 0% Funding Possible

✅ STEP BY STEP Education & 1-1 Coaching on Acquiring 6 Figures in Personal Funding to Fund Your Investments With

✅ STEP BY STEP Education & 1-1 Coaching on Acquiring 6 Figures in Business Funding to Invest or Scale a New Business Venture

✅  A Thorough Education in Consumer Law & Contract Law (So you can Move with Confidence in all of Your Commercial Affairs)

✅  & More!


(Additional Value Adds, Absolutely Free)

✅  Access to our Entire 3 Year (Semester Based) Curriculum of Over 100 Classes, Trainings, & Masterclasses at Your Fingertips

✅  2x Monthly Q&A / Curriculum Integration Calls Hosted by J-Griff

✅  Hands On, Custom Buildout of Your Personalized 'LUC Financial Freedom Roadmap' Upon Joining the Group- Outlining Your Exact Gameplan (Step by Step) to Financial Freedom

✅  Quarterly 1-on-1 ‘Custom Roadmap’ Coaching Calls w/ Our LUC Client Success Team to Ensure You Gain the Clarity & Accountability You Need to Continue to Grow at an Unprecedented Rate Along Your Wealth Journey

✅  Access to our LUC Slack Community App; where J-Griff & The Team Are Educating Daily & Keeping You “In the Know” & Empowered Along Your Journey- Network w/ J-Griff + Our World-Class LUC Family Members

✅  Opportunity to Attend In-Person LUC Events (Connect w/ J-Griff, the Team & the LUC Members in Person)

✅  Instant Qualification for Multiple 4 Figures in Discounts on our Other 2 Premiere Products (Self Trust Academy & The Aligned Entrepreneur Academy)

✅  Live Weekly Support Calls & Study Sessions Hosted by the LUC's Experienced Team (Inner Healing, Investing, Consumer Law, Yoga, etc)

We Are Now Currently Open for 2024 Enrollment! 


If You Are Interested in Joining the LUC Family- MAKE SURE You Fill Out an Application Below to Be Considered for the Community. 


For Those Who Qualify, You Will Be Invited onto an Interview Call with our Connections Team, to Ensure All Parties Involve Feel Good About the Decision & There is Alignment.

Follow the Prompts Below, & Be Sure to Complete BOTH PAGES of the Application to Ensure You're Considered for Enrollment!

The LUC is Officially Remodeled & Open for 2024 Enrollment

To See If You Qualify for an Interview Call (As Seats Become Available), Please Apply Below!


Hear What Our Members Are Saying...

Whoever Stumbles into the World of J-Griff and the LUC has NO IDEA Just How Lucky They Are. This Man has Poured his Heart and SOUL into an Embodied Education that UNLOCKS your Personal Power & Potential at a Level that one can only DREAM of. It is the 'Call to Adventure' That You Need to Level Up in EVERY Area of Your Life!


Jeremy's Passion and Dedication to share his Wisdom has Re-Ignited the Truth My Soul had ALWAYS KNOWN about the System(s), but was Never able to Express. He has Gathered, Distilled, Applied and Synthesized MASSIVE Amounts of Data, and the Clarity of Thought & Expression by which he Teaches It is REMARKABLE!


The LUC Provides the Psychological, Spiritual and Financial Foundations Required to Live the Best Life Possible... One of FREEDOM and Self-Reliance that is not Dependent on Anyone but Yourself.
This has Been the BEST INVESTMENT I've Ever Made in Myself, Hands Down!


 - Brian G. (Tibetan Cranial Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Sound Healer, Kambo Practitioner)

I have been an LUC member for about 6 months. I joined with a specific intention and I learned so much more that was truly instrumental in my growth on a spiritual/emotional level. There is a tremendous array of discussion ranging from physical health and emotional healing to investing and sovereignty. The biggest value of the LUC is that it teaches you what you need to learn (but weren’t aware of). It challenges you in ways that you could have never imagined. I’ve learned so much and looked back thinking, “I was right where I needed to be when I learned this.” The best part is that you have a community of like minded people who are always willing to support you in your journey, whatever that may look like. There is always someone willing to lend a hand, open an ear, or discuss their own experiences in relation to yours. Jeremy’s leadership has been amazing and he essentially teaches a masterclass every time he discusses any and every topic. I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable this experience has been and would recommend the LUC to anyone committed to their best future self.


- Jonathan K. (Ex-Banking Exec., Crypto Investor)

In just 3 SHORT MONTHS, I was able to Secure an Astounding Amount of Funding, Totaling a QUARTER MILLION Dollars!!
I had formerly believed it would take at least a DECADE to accumulate that level of capital, but the LUC has allowed me to EXPEDITE and ACCELERATE my plan and has cut my original timeline in HALF... moving my Retirement Date to a mere FIVE YEARS away!
The LUC is a True LIFE HACK and an Incredibly Transformative opportunity for anyone wishing to Achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM and Prosperity. Furthermore, the SPIRITUAL Enlightenment I've gained through the LUC has been nothing short of a complete transformation, building a very solid foundation for my mental wellbeing, allowing me to pursue an abundance mindset wholeheartedly and altogether eradicating those nagging feelings of FEAR and DOUBT!
I'm Forever Grateful to the LUC Family for Changing me into a NEW PERSON- One Empowered with Hope & Potential.
 - Debby F. (Cybersecurity Engineer)

I joined the LUC 3 months ago and I can ALREADY appreciate just how LIFE ALTERING it has been. The foundational teachings have exposed many limiting beliefs that unconsciously kept me playing small.


I am learning a higher rule set for the game of life- which has ALREADY brought me 70% ROI's on my new investments (per the LUC's Investment Teachings) and almost $200k in PERSONAL FUNDING (aka O.P.M.).


As I prepare to deploy my newly obtained funding, I recognize that I have only scratched the surface of what the LUC has to offer. I'm stoked to see where this path takes me- there's no looking back now!


- Sayer B. (Systems Administrator)

6 Short months ago I was Accepted into the best Community I've ever found, the LUC! It has been a Mind-Bending Adventure from Day ONE!


The LUC Team is the most AUTHENTIC, Incredible Group of Human Beings I've ever Come Across in the Online Space.


With Their Help, I've Been Able to Acquire over $300k in Funding for Myself & my Business... After Learning the REAL 'Rules to the Game' (as J-Griff says) + Learning How to Play it Myself.


My Spiritual & Self Development has also Catapulted, in such a Short Time Span of being in This Environment. I Can't Believe it's only been 6 Months! I Feel so Blessed to have the Privilege of Being a Part of the LUC Family for the Long Term!


- Jeremiah M. (Sports Medicine Chiropractor)

“I’ve been in the LUC since it first began in 2020. Since I have joined, my net worth has quadrupled, and my credit score has increased from 497 to 734.
Those are just some of the practical benefits. The loyal friends and endless resources I have gained from absolute experts in their field are alone worth every penny.
The proof is there. If you put in the work with the resources provided by Jeremy and the rest of this group, your life WILL change.”
- Ben W. (Personal Trainer & Online Coach) 

I can Truly say, from the Depths of my Soul, that my journey within the LUC has been Life-Changing & Transformative in a way that I cannot possibly begin to put into words.

Upon Joining this container I was Utterly Broken Beyond Belief... I had Lost Everything (my Job, my House, my Car, my Relationship, my Health...EVERYTHING) & was at such a Low Point that I decided to move back into my mom’s house & figure out my Life. I had never Invested into Myself before, but it felt like I had ONE Shot to get it right... or Forever Remain the Same.

By joining the LUC, I Genuinely feel like I hit the Jackpot. I get to have Jeremy as a Mentor AND I get to Belong to such an Uplifting & Energetically Aligned Container of Individuals that are all True Seekers – Seekers of Truth, Sovereignty, Freedom, Health, Wealth & knowing there is so much MORE to this Life than what we’ve been Told.

My Journey began with Inner-Work, which Quickly Transpired into Credit Repair, slowly moved towards Allocating Funding, which then Transitioned into Investing. Now I’m sitting back in AWE of what I have Accomplished within a Year.

By Applying the LUC Teachings, I was able to Remove a Collection Account & Increase my Credit from 657 to 762 in a matter of WEEKS. I Acquire over $100k in Funding through Credit Optimization. I Invested over $20k into Crypto & saw 113% PROFIT on a Stock Jeremy suggested Investing into.

With the Inner-work I have Learned & Applied within this container I was able to Heal & Restore my Relationship with my Beloved, bring my Family back into Unity, move to one of the Most Affluent Cities in California, & Cultivate a Deep sense of Purpose within my Life.

The Connections I have made within this container have led me to so many Amazing Opportunities & the Friends I have made Helped me in ways that are Truly Indescribable. I have so much Gratitude towards Jeremy for bringing this space into Reality.

I have NEVER come across a Human with Integrity like Jeremy– he has a DEEP Reverence for the Space he has created and will do EVERYTHING within his Power to Ensure that the Teachings & the Energy within the space are in total Alignment with Upholding the Values of the Collective. He is a true Architect – every Piece of the LUC is designed in a way to Foster your Growth & help you Level Up in Astronomical Ways.

In the LUC it’s Not a matter of IF you will Change, it’s a matter of WHEN you will Change. Has it been hard? Fuck yeah. Has it been messy? 10000% Did I ever want to quit? Sometimes. But once you have Broken the Seal on Witnessing the Power of your Raw Human Potential & what your Life can Look like if you FULLY Utilize that Power - you can NEVER go back.

I have been Planting Seeds within this Container for a little over a Year now, & I’m just NOW Truly Starting to Reap the Harvest. And it’s ONLY the Beginning.

- Maria C. (Entrepreneur)

Being in the LUC has catapulted my wealth journey in all ways. I couldn't be more grateful to have found this group!


Inside the LUC I acquired $60k+ in funding, grew my business 5000%, got 25% returns on my investments, and have immense clarity on "how to play the game". My world has opened to the tangible, abundant reality reality that I CAN, and AM, creating for myself.


What I most appreciate about the LUC is the prioritization of inner work. This is the backbone of all the teachings, which I have yet to see anyone else teach wealth creation in this way. Jeremy's style of teaching and seeing others winning has been EVERYTHING I needed!


I learned how to regulate my nervous system, perform at my best, act and think like the 1% and step into my purpose. Their emphasis on wealth being much more than money has been an invaluable lesson. I am now confident in my investment strategy, credit knowledge, and the plan and vision for my life and business!!


- Anna C. (Health & Fitness Coach)

“I truly believe it’s important to honor where you currently are in your journey whilst also being inspired AF by other who are breaking all beliefs around what’s considered a lot of money to be earning- & knowing that that’s possible for me too.
I used to think 3k a month was a shit ton of money until I hear of someone making 5k.


Then 10k, and then 100k/month.
Now I’ve Learned you can make that in a DAY from investing.


There truly is NO LIMIT & I’m grateful to have that blown that ceiling off so early on!
There are are going to be a load of self made, conscious, Multi-Millionaires coming from the LUC in the next 5 years.”
- Immie E. (Empowerment Mentor)
“Before finding Jeremy and the LUC, I knew NOTHING about Credit, OPM, Investing, or Financial Literacy. I was feeling STUCK in my Life after getting out of the military. I had no idea how to take care of my body. I just felt so LOST.
Upon joining this amazing community, it was like my life turned completely upside down- but I was finally RIGHT SIDE UP.
I paid off ALL of our debt, shifted my ENTIRE BEING and set my family on this trajectory toward success. I was able to get over $150k of funding, start my own business and really start LIVING my life.
I cannot be more grateful to have found this amazing community and I am eternally grateful for all of the life changes!"


- Lindsey L. (Entrepreneur)
My time in the LUC has been nothing short of amazing for me. When I joined, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.
In five months I have increased my credit score 68 points to 778, secured $60,500 in my first round of business funding, $4,500 in personal credit line increases, and removed one late payments and several fraudulent hard inquiries.
Frankly, my time in the LUC has been nothing short of amazing. The energy in here is infectious.
The LUC team (especially J-Griff and Kelly) is incredible. Their support has been invaluable to me. When I joined, I knew I would learn new things.
However, I had no idea I would find such a profound shift in my relationship to money, wealth, my worth, and freedom. I also didn't expect to find my soul tribe... but that's what has happened!
 - Cameron M. (Soul Purpose Coach, Astrologer, CEO of Path and Purpose)

Through Jeremy’s Teachings & the Support of the LUC Community, I have been able to Secure $45k in Funding PLUS an Additional $50k for my Wife!

I have Gained Insights into Improving my Business Credit, with plans to Obtain Some Nice Biz Funding as well, soon.

Me & My Wife have Developed an Investment Strategy & are Currently Building our Portfolio out!

All of our Material Successes have merely been a REFLECTION of the INNER WORK that I have been able to do- through the LUC Curriculum, Tools/Resources, & Conversations in the Community.

This "Work" has Allowed me to Show up in my Relationships, My Work, and Play as my TRUE SELF!


-Wess Howell (Tattoo Artist, Biz Owner)

“The LUC has opened the doors for me to meet lifelong friends who are on similar paths of Growth, Healing, & True Financial freedom.
The LUC is like the online family that I’ve always wanted, there are coaches, healers, leaders, and entrepreneurs that are always looking to help each other along our journeys.
The quality of education and resources that I get from J-Griff and the LUC is completely mind-blowing, I’m pretty sure nowhere else in the world you can find this level of knowledge and education that covers all of the major areas of our lives.
Every single call/module is packed with life-changing tools that go beyond what you thought was possible. I’m incredibly grateful for this community and for J-Griff for creating the space for us, thank you.”
- JP Boyd (Spiritual Empowerment Mentor)

Since joining the LUC in January I feel like I've grown so much spiritually for one thing. I've opened my mind to the idea of "God"/Source/Divinity which has helped me reach new levels of love for self, the LUC members, and others I call friends.


I've also made the strongest connections within the LUC and really created a solid new group of friends. This community is something else entirely. I love that we all are very spiritually minded, eager to learn and try new things, and are striving to change lives/make an impact. Having everyone in one spot for the LUC meetup was so powerful and I felt so connected and safe to be myself without judgment. And I've made friends who truly will not let me be less than my highest potential. They correct my negative self-talk immediately and do not stand for me or anyone showing up as a smaller version of their best self. It is truly something I hope everyone gets to experience in a friendship.  


Biggest value??! Goodness, I really don't think I can pinpoint one thing. The community really stands out but the information taught within the LUC is extremely life changing as well! Everyone in the LUC is so powerful!


-Tamara P. (Holistic Health Coach)