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Welcome to the Conscious Wealth podcast, where we delve into the realms of wealth creation, natural law, spirituality, financial literacy, commerce, investing, and the intricate dynamics of money. Hosted by the insightful Jeremy Griffin, our program serves as a potential platform for visionaries such as yourself.

Here, you can help inspire, educate and empower our audience on their path to achieving profound levels of freedom! If you resonate deeply with the podcast's visions and possess the qualifications that align with our mission, we would like to invite you to join us on TCWP!  

By sharing your unique story and expertise, you just may help unlock deeper levels of freedom for our audience and the world at large! Kindly reach out to us using the Guest Submission form below.

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What To Expect


Engaging Interview: Our skilled and empathetic host, J-Griff, will conduct a compelling and engaging interview that delves into your personal and professional experiences, shedding light on your journey towards conscious wealth.


Focused Topics: We will tailor the interview to highlight your unique perspective, expertise, and the actionable insights you can offer our audience. Topics may include conscious money management, mindful investing, conscious entrepreneurship, and more.


Promotion & Reach: Upon the podcast's release, we will actively promote your episode across our social media channels, newsletter, etc, ensuring maximum visibility and exposure for your message.



Amplify Your Message: Being a guest on the Conscious Wealth Podcast provides you with a unique platform to amplify your message and reach a diverse audience of conscious individuals seeking meaningful insights on wealth and prosperity.


Thought Leadership: As a respected figure in your field, sharing your expertise on the podcast will position you as a thought leader, expanding your influence and strengthening your authority in your industry.


Inspire Others: Your journey towards conscious wealth can inspire countless listeners who are on their own path to financial empowerment and mindful living. Your experiences and wisdom can spark transformative change in their lives.

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Check Out The Conscious Wealth Podcast Episodes available on YouTube, where we have garnered a vibrant community of 22k subscribers and continue to grow our audience.

Our channel explores a wealth of insightful discussions on topics such as Wealth Creation, Natural Law, Spirituality/Consciousness, Financial Literacy, Commerce, Investing, Sovereignty, and The Game of Money.

Be Our TCWP Guest..


This is For You IF:


👍 You are a visionary in the realm of sovereignty, freedom, spirituality, health, wealth creation, financial literacy, or investing- or any of the key areas that make up a wealthy life.

👍 You have a compelling and unique personal story of overcoming financial challenges or achieving success.

👍 Your expertise aligns with the podcast's themes and mission.

👍 You are passionate about empowering others on their journey to freedom.

👍 You can offer practical advice and tips for our global audience.

This is NOT For You IF:


👎 You are solely focused on promoting products or services without any spiritual or conscious aspects.

👎 You are unwilling to share your experiences openly and authentically.

👎 Your content and views promote harmful or unethical practices.

👎 You are not open to having constructive and respectful discussions.

👎 You solely aim to self-promote without providing value to our listeners.

Are You Interested in Becoming A Featured Guest on the Conscious Wealth Podcast?

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