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Who Is J-Griff?


In 2013, J-Griff graduated college and made the bold decision to “eat shit” and move back in with his Mom- as a fast track to his financial freedom goals. He had no car, was $50,000 in student loan debt, and didn’t particularly want to live this way- but was 100% committed to making the necessary sacrifices to live the life he truly desired, longer term, and knew there was no Plan B.. He would NEVER participate in the Rat Race or Work to Build Another Mans Dreams.

He Spent all of his 20’s Learning to Build & Run Numerous Successful Businesses- Ranging from the Health & Fitness Space, Conscious Life Coaching, Business Consulting Space, and now Wealth/Financial Literacy Space.

Behind the Scenes, For the last 13 Years, J-Griff has had a Genuine Obsession for the Pursuit of Hidden Knowledge, Secrets of the 1%, and the Truth Behind How all of the “Systems” in Society Actually Operate. He devoted his 20’s to slowly Acquiring Knowledge in these arenas, Hiring Countless Mentors, Self Educating and Remaining Curious, Open & Patient…

By the time 2020 “Pandemic” Came Around, an absolutely DEVASTATING year for most- J-Griff had been Stacking Cash & Patiently Waiting for an Event like this to Happen… Which allowed him to grow his Net Worth many times over- & enter a Financial Reality that no one in his Ancestry has ever experienced.

This inspired him to begin giving back by sharing all the hidden knowledge that he has learned over the years and implemented in his life to reach Financial Freedom before the age of 30. He now spends 100% of his efforts leading the “Level Up Collective” Conscious Wealth Mastermind, which he founded in January of 2020.

Bringing Forth a Unique blend of Higher Level Insights that Combine Spirituality, Energetics, Financial Literacy, Simplified Education Around Law & Our Freedoms, & The 1%’s Secrets to Investing- the “Level Up Collectives” Sole Focus is in Empowering OUR STUDENTS to Step into the Driver's Seat of their Lives and not only LEARN the “”Rules to the Game”, but start WINNING at the Game that they were never even Taught How to Play.


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(What They Intentionally Don't Teach You In School)

✅  How to Lawfully Eliminate Consumer Debts w/o Needing to Go to Court or File Bankruptcy

✅  How to Easily Repair Your Own Credit- w/o Having to Hire a Company to Do It For You

✅  A Thorough Education in Consumer Law & Contract Law (So you can Move with Confidence in all of Your Commercial Affairs)

✅ How to Optimize Your Credit Score to Gain Access to the Largest Lines of 0% Funding Possible

✅  How to Invest to Earn Consistent Returns of 50-100%+ ROI Per Year, Semi-Passively

✅  A Full Education & Technical Knowledge Base to Start Investing Like an Institutional Investor (The 1%)

✅  How To Confidently Invest in Extremely Lucrative Digital Assets, De-Fi Projects & Cryptocurrencies

✅ How to Position Yourself & Your Family for the New CBDC/Digital Scoring Systems Being Rolled Out B.T.S.

✅  Legal Tax Loopholes You Can Use to Shelter Your Wealth From Taxes & The Government

✅  In Depth Education & Resources on Entrepreneurship, Starting & Scaling Your Own Business



(Additional Value Adds, Absolutely Free)

✅  Live Bi-Monthly MasterclassQ&A Calls Hosted by J-Griff

✅  Live Weekly Support Calls & Study Sessions Hosted by the LUC's Experienced Team (Healing, Investing, Consumer Law)

✅  Access to our Vast Archive of 75+ Past Masterclasses, Q&A's & Financial Literacy Training Modules

✅  Built In Accountability & Personalized Coaching Systems to Ensure You Get to Your Personal/Wealth Goals

✅  Our Step-by-Step LUC “Heaven on Earth” Framework for Reliably ELIMINATING FRAUDULENT DEBT 

✅  Our Proprietary LUC “All Rights Reserved” CREDIT REPAIR Process -> Elevating Your FICO to 725-800+ & Saving You THOUSANDS on "Credit Repair" Companies

✅  Our “Credit Level Up Blueprint” -> Boosting Your Cleaned Credit Another 25-50 Points in WEEKS, Optimizing You for Maximum Funding

✅  Our Exact “Fuck Biden, Get Money” LUC Play: Leveraging Strategic Banking Relationships & Credit Card Stacking, To Get You $50-$100k in Funding in a Matter of DAYS

✅  Our Exclusive LUC “G.O.A.T.” Investing Formula -> Allowing You to See 50-100%+ ROI’s, Consistently, In ANY Economic Climate


We Are Currently Above 85% Member Capacity- Once Full We Will Be Capping the Group!


If You Are Interested in Joining the Family- MAKE SURE You Hop On Our Waitlist Below. Once on the Waitlist, Our Team Will Review Your Application & You Can Expect a Response Email From Us As Limited Seats Become Available.


Invitations are granted based on SPIRITUAL Alignment, FINANCIAL Alignment, EMOTIONAL Alignment, & Overall MINDSET & ATTITUDE. If we do not feel that you will be WILDLY SUCCESSFUL with our teachings- we will not accept you at this time.


If Accepted, You Will be Sent a Link to Book an Interview Call with Our Team- to Determine if You're the Right Fit for the Community. :)

Hear What Our Members Are Saying...

I have been an LUC member for about 6 months. I joined with a specific intention and I learned so much more that was truly instrumental in my growth on a spiritual/emotional level. There is a tremendous array of discussion ranging from physical health and emotional healing to investing and sovereignty. The biggest value of the LUC is that it teaches you what you need to learn (but weren’t aware of). It challenges you in ways that you could have never imagined. I’ve learned so much and looked back thinking, “I was right where I needed to be when I learned this.” The best part is that you have a community of like minded people who are always willing to support you in your journey, whatever that may look like. There is always someone willing to lend a hand, open an ear, or discuss their own experiences in relation to yours. Jeremy’s leadership has been amazing and he essentially teaches a masterclass every time he discusses any and every topic. I cannot emphasize enough how invaluable this experience has been and would recommend the LUC to anyone committed to their best future self.


- Jonathan K. (Ex-Banking Exec., Crypto Investor

 “As an OG member, the amount of value I’ve received over these last 2+ years is unmeasurable. One part that’s really changed the trajectory of my life is learning Consumer Law and Sovereignty. Learning them gave me the confidence to quit my part-time job, stop moving through my business with scarcity and ground deeper into my innate Power. With that, Ive healed many wounds and outdated subconscious programming around money and receiving AND I’ve been able to remove $72k of “debt” total (so far) from my credit report allowing me to apply for more credit - something I haven’t been able to do in 5 years.”


 - Kelly F. (Life & Self Mastery Coach)
“I’ve been in the LUC since it first began in 2020. Since I have joined, my net worth has quadrupled, and my credit score has increased from 497 to 734. Those are just some of the practical benefits. The loyal friends and endless resources I have gained from absolute experts in their field are alone worth every penny. The proof is there. If you put in the work with the resources provided by Jeremy and the rest of this group, your life WILL change.”
- Ben W. (Personal Coach) 

"Since Joining the LUC, I have Experienced SIGNIFICANT Transformative Changes in my life. Internally, I strive to become the best version of myself each day by learning to break free from my fears/scarcity mentality and adopt a more courageous and abundance-focused mindset. This personal transformation has enabled me to build wealth both spiritually and materially.

Before Joining the LUC, Multiple Charge-Offs weighed down my Credit Score to the High 500s - Low 600s Range. After Applying the LUC's Teachings- I was able to Raise my Credit Score to 700+ in about 3 MONTHS, Across ALL Credit Bureaus!

After Optimizing my Credit w/ the LUC's Teachings, I was Successfully Approved for SIX New Credit Cards & Lines of Funding (including the AMEX Platinum and Gold cards which I once thought only the wealthy could acquire).

I was able to Use the O.P.M. (Funding) for my Business AND Invested some using the LUC's Investing Frameworks and have Already Seen a ~15% Profit!"


-Samuel Kim (Clinical Psychologist, PsyD., MA.)

Through Jeremy’s Teachings & the Support of the LUC Community, I have been able to Secure $45k in Funding PLUS an Additional $50k for my Wife!

I have Gained Insights into Improving my Business Credit, with plans to Obtain Some Nice Biz Funding as well, soon.

Me & My Wife have Developed an Investment Strategy & are Currently Building our Portfolio out!

All of our Material Successes have merely been a REFLECTION of the INNER WORK that I have been able to do- through the LUC Curriculum, Tools/Resources, & Conversations in the Community.

This "Work" has Allowed me to Show up in my Relationships, My Work, and Play as my TRUE SELF!


-Wess Howell (Tattoo Artist, Biz Owner)

“The LUC has opened up my mind to so many different levels of life that I never knew existed. It has taught me that everything from health, freedom, wealth and spirituality are all interconnected. Not only am I constantly learning & being challenged to dig deeper, I also get to engage & grow alongside the diverse LUC community.”
 - Krystin W. (Holistic Wellness Coach)
“Since joining the LUC a year ago, I have been able to access and learn about information that I had been subconsciously searching for. I always knew in the back of my mind there was more to life than just trading my time for money. I'm now slowly expanding my knowledge and building my life the way I want it to be and being able to work as a nurse not just for money and because I HAVE to, but because I can and I WANT to”


- Courtney F. (Holistic Clinic Entrepreur)
“The LUC has opened the doors for me to meet lifelong friends who are on similar paths of growth, healing, and personal & true financial freedom. The LUC is like the online family that I’ve always wanted, there are coaches, healers, leaders, and entrepreneurs that are always looking to help each other along our journeys. The quality of education and resources that I get from J-Griff and the LUC is completely mind-blowing, I’m pretty sure nowhere else in the world you can find this level of knowledge and education that covers all of the major areas of our lives. Every single call is packed with life-changing tools that go beyond what you thought was possible. I’m incredibly grateful for this community and for J-Griff for creating the space for us, thank you.”
- JP Boyd (Spiritual Empowerment Mentor)


Jeremy recently said in one of our Saturday calls that he gives members of the LUC what we WANT when we join, but he also gives us what we NEED.

If there was any way to describe the value I have received in being a member of the LUC this would be it. The reason I joined the LUC was very clear-cut: I wanted to learn how to discharge debt after seeing my sister, who joined the LUC when it first formed, do this with her credit card debt. I was told when I joined that the five-part Matrix series was the most valuable set of calls that dove head-first into discharging debt.

After listening to the first four calls of the series I sat there confused. I had things written down like “Fiat at the expense of metaphysical freedom is worthless.”; “Money is a tool to control our minds by appealing to our Ego.”; “As long as we live from the Ego we are not free.”; “When you really dive deep into this, you will find that it all comes down to FAITH vs. FEAR.”

I found myself thinking, “What is this shit? This isn’t what I signed up for!” The thought that I had wasted a four-figure amount of money for nothing sent a sinking feeling to my stomach. Though I had awakened spiritually two years before this, I had ended up rejecting religion due to its incongruences
 with those who practiced their beliefs in an hypocritical way. The final Matrix call finally went into some practical applications on how to discharge debt, but the bulk of what I had learned didn’t seem to have any usefulness for the hyper-masculine, spiritually insensitive persona that I clung to.

Despite this, I started to dive into and study what I did understand. I learned about the true history of our country, the fraudulent nature of our monetary system, the UCC, different discharging tactics, etc. I also learned a great deal about generating income using leverage, investments and options trading. By the six month mark, I had read about twenty different books on various topics all relating to debt discharge, investing and trading. Boy did my ego love this, “Now I knew MORE than other people so I’m superior.”… lol. None of this meant shit since I wasn’t actually doing anything with the information. Why was this? Because I had more fear than faith, just as Jeremy had pointed out during the “useless” Matrix series calls.

It wasn’t until the Saturday before I left for Mexico in June that I finally had a break-through. Up until this point I had rejected all spiritual aspects of Jeremy’s teachings and stuck to the practical stuff. Finally, during one of our Saturday calls I suddenly dropped all resistance I had to spirituality and accepted what Jeremy was teaching in a whole-hearted and honest way. That was all I needed to finally grow. I was visiting my sister at the time and she let me borrow a book called Power vs. Force by David Hawkins. This book was my gateway into the world of the subconscious mind, something that would become a reoccurring area of study over the next three months. Slowly, my faith was becoming stronger than my fear. In turn, I was starting to act out of courage with my debt discharging process and I started taking steps that I had learned months ago, but never applied.

Now, after reading and applying the principles of half-a-dozen spiritual books and connecting with a spiritual healer in the LUC by the name of Jean-Paul Boyd, I have healed my past trauma, dissolved my heart-wall, and raised my vibrational state. Most importantly, In the words of Jeremy, “I remembered who the fuck I am.”

 So to answer your question: What is the biggest value I have received since joining the LUC? I would say it has been the realization of my true nature. Without that I never would have made any progress in any of the other areas I have learned about. Even without those tangential benefits, this simple realization has been the most valuable thing in and of itself. Jeremy was true to his word: “I’m going to give you what you want, but I’m also going to give you what you need.”


- Richard W. (College Student, Aspiring Pilot)

“I truly believe it’s important to honor where you currently are in your journey whilst also being inspired AF by other who are breaking all beliefs around what’s considered a lot of money to be earning. And knowing that that’s possible for me too. I used to think 3k a month was a shit ton of money until I hear of someone making 5k. Then 10k, and then 100k/month. Now I’ve you can make that in a day from investing. There truly is no limit and I’m grateful to have that blown that ceiling off so early on! There are are going to be a load of self made, conscious, millionaires coming from the LUC in the next 5 years.”
- Immie E. (Empowerment Mentor)


Since joining the LUC in January I feel like I've grown so much spiritually for one thing. I've opened my mind to the idea of "God"/Source/Divinity which has helped me reach new levels of love for self, the LUC members, and others I call friends.


I've also made the strongest connections within the LUC and really created a solid new group of friends. This community is something else entirely. I love that we all are very spiritually minded, eager to learn and try new things, and are striving to change lives/make an impact. Having everyone in one spot for the LUC meetup was so powerful and I felt so connected and safe to be myself without judgment. And I've made friends who truly will not let me be less than my highest potential. They correct my negative self-talk immediately and do not stand for me or anyone showing up as a smaller version of their best self. It is truly something I hope everyone gets to experience in a friendship.  


Biggest value??! Goodness, I really don't think I can pinpoint one thing. The community really stands out but the information taught within the LUC is extremely life changing as well! Everyone in the LUC is so powerful!


-Tamara P. (Holistic Health Coach)


"In Less Than 4 Months of Being in the LUC, I Have:


  • Increased All 3 FICO Scores by 50+ Points
  • Successfully Eliminated $7500 in Fraudulent Consumer Debts
  • Won Another ~$15k  Synchrony Account, Deemed "non-collectible" (never heard from them and they deleted it off my Credit).
  • Cleaned Multiple Reporting Accounts Off My Credit Reports- that Were Hurting my Score.

As Far as my INTERNAL Growth, I've Experienced more and more EMBODIMENT of the Truth of WHO I REALLY AM, Transcending the Fear I Previously had around “Being Sued”, I'm Finding my Voice and Expanding SO MUCH of my Financial IQ- in Preparation for the Additional Wealth that I KNOW is Coming!”


-Jena Rodriguez (Spiritual/Life Coach)


“When I first joined the LUC, I was looking for more information and guidance on how to exit the rat race and put my corporate accounting job behind me. Little did I know that joining this community would offer me exactly what I was looking for- in addition to SO MUCH MORE information than I even knew I needed! The LUC is a community full of people that want more out of life, just like me! We all come together to pour into each others' cups as well as our own and truly empower each other to change our own lives as well as the people around us. I am certain that without finding the LUC I would not be the person I am today, and for that I am eternally grateful! ❤️ 


- Ali M. (Self-Expansion Coach)


“This week’s call was absolutely MASSIVE. Probably worth the price of a few years of LUC in one video. I am immensely grateful for everything you continue to teach us. Not sure where I would be if I didn’t make the decision to join over a year ago!”          
-Jason H. (Remote Sales & E-Commerce Investor)


The LUC holds me accountable in an indirect way & forces me to look at myself HEAD ON and ask the right questions. It leaves me unsatisfied with anything less than reaching for my HIGHEST POTENTIAL. The LUC Has gifted me ZERO Opportunities to hide from myself or downplay my existence!


- Rilee W. (Health & Wellness Coach)


I have been a member of many groups through my life. The Level Up Collective (LUC) by far, outweighs all the groups I have been in by massive leaps, here’s why: 


-I am held accountable in the most supportive and nurturing way. The members of the community are all there for a strong emotional value, freedom. 

-Freedom comes from a deep inner knowing that each member knows and wrestles with in their daily life – LUC is a place where I can breathe, ask questions, and get the reminders and support I need to keep going, that it is possible, that freedom is my birthright, that I have a duty to myself, my family, and to the collective to work for the goodness of this life. 

-Since the state of the world has shifted dramatically, there has been an undercurrent of lack, fear, and scarcity that has plagued the masses. I found it difficult to breathe at times because of the suffocation around me, not only the mask wearers but the energetics of their fear shooting out at a regular dose, thanks to the non-stop media push. I stood solid with some friends and groups who were aware of what was happening, thankfully this helped sustain me, because as humans we crave one another, we crave community, being heard, understood, cared for, and having a place to breathe freely. 

-I knew I needed something even greater than breathing, I need the air to actually be free, and others who were seeking the very same. 


LUC found it’s way to me in a very unique way. This serendipitous series of events opened the doors to LUC where I was welcomed in all the best ways. I was assured that freedom was mine if I was willing to work for it. I was assured I would be with family-like members who would care for me and encourage me to keep going on this trek.  


In life, I have stood at the base of the mountain too many times. Always somewhat prepared for the climb. The weather conditions uncertain. In order to advance effectively and efficiently; with love, laughter, and trust a solid group is required. 


LUC is nothing short of the best climb for freedom and the best group of men and women to support one another. Jeremy through his leadership of LUC maintains high levels of love, respect, knowledge, and integrity. While he is the leader, he is also in the trenches, he shares his non-stop work right beside us!


- Heidi (Small Business Owner, Proud Mom)


My experience with the LUC has been groundbreaking in providing access to new possibilities to build freedom in my life. I had the privilege of being connected to Jeremy through a dear friend and coach of mine. I am so grateful that the steps that happened after that occurred the way it did. From the first months of being a part of the group, I felt so included by other members, inspired by the contents of our mastermind calls, and the purity of the intention behind what value the group is providing to its members. Its opened up a whole new world of opportunity to embody topics that are unforeseen anywhere else in the personal development and coaching space.


An unexpected, yet incredibly fruitful value I have received out of being in the LUC has been a new level of commitment to fulfilling on what matters most to me in my life. The community has fostered a culture that empowers, for me, clean energy of integrity in everything the LUC provides, but more importantly how embodied I am in my real life. Learning to live and act through the lens of being the creator of wealth, has truly transformed how I see and act in the world. At the same time, it has challenged me greatly, and continues to inspire me to show up, organize my endeavors, and take ownership of my own greatness. What a gift!


I am so grateful and honored to be a part of the journey this collective provides. Most of all - inspired, and excited to see how the future of the community unfolds. The way things are headed, i foresee a large amount of impact rippling into the lives of myself, future members, our families, our friends and out into the world.  Thank you to everyone who is involved in keeping this collective alive.


- Natalie R (Holistic Health Professional)


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